Samsung Galaxy Player 5



Android Version

Installation from any other rom:
  1. Do a Nandroid backup - Not entirely necessary but recommended
  2. Push the latest zip file from the download page to your SD card
  3. Do a factory reset/data wipe (Not always needed when coming from other ICS roms)
  4. Wipe cache and dalvik cache
  5. Flash the zip in CWM recovery - This will start Aroma Installer
  6. Choose your theme and press next twice
  7. Accept the T&C's and then press next twice
  8. Select Install RemICS-UX
  9. Select Custom or nothing will be installed
  10. Pick your kernel and whether you want the add on apps and then press next. For Korean device use the INTL kernel
  11. Press install now - All done including kernel and add on apps
  12. Reboot
  13. Open the OTA Updater app to check for any new versions as the download page may not always be up to date

OTA Updates Installation:
  1. Open the OTA Updater app
  2. Download the latest version
  3. The installation will fail due to signature verification failing
  4. Turn off signature verification
  5. Install the zip from sd card. Remember to select Custom from the installation menu. The zip file is located at /(internal)sdcard/OTA-Updater
  6. If you have issues with some apps, try wiping cache and dalvik cache. If there are still problems, perform a factory reset

Tablet Mode Installation:
Tablet Mode is accessible by default in v1.3.2+ by changing the DPI to something between 120 and 128 inclusive. If you are running v1.3.1 or below, flash the tablet mode mod available on xda